How is it best to take the LIFE2.0 vitamin?

We recommend for you to stir the powder into a yoghurt or kefir. The daily dose is 2 scoops (a scoop is provided in the box). Avoid trying to mix LIFE2.0 into water or coffee, as the texture will likely feel unnatural. 

How soon after my surgery should I start to take the vitamins?

As the vitamin is in powder format, you can start taking it from day 1.

Where can I buy the LIFE2.0 vitamin?

LIFE2.0 is only available to purchase via our webshop, on this webpage. And we will deliver it to you!

Why do I need to take vitamins after weight loss surgery?

After weight-loss surgery, your anatomy is altered and the volume of the stomach is reduced. Therefore your body's ability to absorb vitamins and other nutrients is decreased. Mostly, the absorption of iron, calcium, B12 and zinc is decreased. Taking LIFE2.0 helps to avoid nutrient deficiencies.


Why does the format of the calcium matter?

Calcium-citrate is absorbed by the body significantly better than calcium-carbonate, so we use calcium-citrate in our product. It is recommended to take 1000mg calcium every day, and our product contains 1200mg. Please be aware that most commercial calcium products contain calcium-carbonate (C****chew etc), which is less useful for your body and hence much cheaper.

Can I take it after sleeve?

Of course you can! After sleeve gastrectomy the dietary intake is reduced and the vitamin B12 absorption diminished, so the same principles apply. The only modification that we recommend is to take 1 scoop per day (instead of the two).

How do I place an order?

Via our website. You can pay via your bank card, or alternatively you can perform a bank transfer to account. IBAN: GB42 REVO 0099 7034 036038 

Should you wish to talk to us, you can contact our UK-based customer service at  +44 79624 75328. 

What about shipping?

Our warehouse is based in Budapest, Hungary. We use Royal Mail for postage. The delivery usually takes 2-5 working days, however during the COVID pandemic this could take longer. 

Returns & Refunds

No returns are accepted, unless the vitamin is damaged during the postage.