LIFE2.0 has been developed to make life easier after your weight-loss surgery by combining, into a powder, all the essential vitamins and minerals you will need. This is a safe, but effective choice for anyone who has had weight-loss surgery (gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy).


Why should you take the life2.0 multivitamin?

1. Designed by bariatric professionals for bariatric patients

The LIFE2.0 vitamin was developed for  patients who had weight-loss surgery, by weight-loss professionals. We listened to hundreds of weight-loss stories, which helped to identify the key components that this product should have, and all the national guidelines to follow. After weight-loss surgery, iron, vitamin B12 and calcium are less easily absorbed, so the product is designed to provide a significant dose of these. LIFE2.0 uses the citrate form of calcium to increase the absorption level of it.

2. All-in-one product

The LIFE2.0 vitamin is an all-in-one product in a powder format, so it can be taken from day 1 and contains all the required vitamins and minerals you need after weight-loss surgery. The easiest way to take it is to stir into a pot of yoghurt or kefir.

3. Easy to swallow, well-tolerated, flavourless powder

After weight-loss surgery the process of swallowing can be difficult, so we designed the vitamin in powder format, so can be taken from day 1. The flavour is intentionally neutral, so you can take it with whatever flavour yoghurt you prefer, for example.

4. We provide professional support and give expert advice

Should you have any questions about the vitamin intake, we'd love to hear from you. Please drop us a line on and we will reply in 1 business day.

the facts

Daily dose

9 grams of powder; which equals 2 scoops (or 1 large spoonful if you prefer). We recommend to stir LIFE2.0 into a yoghurt or kefir, so it mixes completely.