About us

LIFE2.0 Biotechnology is a British-Hungarian company specialising in the development, production and distribution of highly dosed nutritional supplements and bariatric products for bariatric patients (people who have undergone surgery to lose weight).

The idea was conceived in 2018, when Dr Peter Vasas completed more than 500 bariatric procedures, and many patients demanded to take high quality, but affordable, nutrients after their operations. Dr Vasas met with Mr Kocsardi, who already had considerable experience both in the food industry and in healthcare, and in 2019 they developed a sophisticated vitamin formula and started to produce the LIFE2.0 vitamin in 2020. Initially it was available in Hungary only, but due to the considerable local success and high demand, the  international distribution started. In 2021 the UK office and local warehouse went into operation and are now serving the UK and Irish markets.

Company full name:       LIFE2.0 Biotechnology Ltd

Registered address:       1048 Budapest, Tófalva str 16., Hungary

Tax number, as registered with Hungarian Tax Authority:                                                                             27938795-2-41 

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Meet The CEOs


Peter Vasas

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CEO, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon


Csaba Kocsardi

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CEO, Healthcare Innovator